President Lyu visited University of Helsinki and exchanged thoughts on the joint construction of JirLATEST


In order to further promote high-level international cooperation and exchanges, President Jian Lyu led a delegation to visit Finland at the invitation of the University of Helsinki, Finland. During the visit, representatives from both sides together planned a new pattern of cooperation between the two universities.

On Jan 27th, President Lyu visited the SMEAR station 200 kilometers away from Helsinki to inspect the world's leading research base led by Professor Markku Kumala, an internationally renowned meteorologist and Chinese government friendship award winner.

On the 28th, Jari Niemelä, President of the University of Helsinki and Karrle Hämeri chancellor warmly welcomed the delegation. The two sides exchanged thoughts on the construction of high-level university. Professor Kumala gave a work report on the collaboration and achievements of the Joint International Research Laboratory of Atmospheric and Earth System Sciences (JirLATEST).

On the basis of pre-cooperation, future plans were proposed to further strengthen the joint construction of the JirLATEST including promoting personnel exchanges, expanding the joint training program for talents as well as building undergraduate international scientific base.

Prof. Lyu Jian visited the SMEAR station.

Prof. Lyu Jian and JirLATEST members visited University of Helsinki and planned future collaborations.