Student Exchanges


On the basis of Nanjing University, JirLATEST also plays an active role in education. Currently JirLATEST has 22 masters and 20 PhD students. Faculty members are devoted to help students make the most of their study experience. They strive to support the students by providing unique educational and research opportunities within the community, and also by offering them opportunities to make contact with a broader academic community. Students are encouraged to attend international meetings such as AGU, EGU, AMS and AOGS to share their research and expand their skills. They are also provided with exchange opportunities to study abroad. A total of more than 10 students have benefited from the diverse exchange programs offered by JirLATEST since 2015.

Exchange Students
NameExchange periodCountryUniversity or Institution
Jiaping Wang2015.07-2015.08FinlandUniversity of Helsinki
Ximeng Qi2015.11-2016.11FinlandUniversity of Helsinki
Cheng Yuan2015.11-2018.01U.S.University of Maryland
Yawen Liu2016.01-2017.12U.S.Pacific Northwest National Lab
Hao Wu2016.09-2017.01U.S.University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Ke Ding 2016.12-2017.12GermanyMax Planck Institute for Chemistry
Jiaping Wang2017.09-2018.06GermanyMax Planck Institute for Chemistry
Lei Shu2017.07-2017.08EnglandImperial College London
Yawei Qu2017.07-2017.08EnglandImperial College London
Zheng Xiang2017.11-presentU.S.UCLA
Qi Liu2017.11-present U.S.Florida State University
Yuan Liang2018.03-2018.04U.S.Pacific Northwest National Lab
Yicheng Shen2017.09-2018.08FinlandUniversity of Helsinki